Poetry from Otho Campbell

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Here are three poems from my friend Otho Campbell. He has not titled them and so I have named them a la Emily Dickinson, which is to say titling them after the first line of the poem.
I hope you like them.

Carl Kruse


Every now and then we’re made,
to truly feel alive,
through some sublime experience
that moistens every eye.
Not from any narrow sense
of sorrow for ourselves,
but from a light we chance to glimpse
that shines through someone else.
A truly brave and selfless act
by someone who then dies.
A child who knows he’s terminal,
yet never even cries.
Can be an Image, music, words,
exquisite work of art,
that leaves us all choked up and then
provokes the noble thought:
That we are more than carbon chains,
or double helices,
consumers of resources,
and polluters of the seas.
We have a spark, however dim,
of an eternal flame.
And part of us will always be,
though no one knows our names.


So being in the boating life,
I have a lot of friends,
who’ve found a way to “live the dream,”
do just what’s good for them.
With no responsibilities,
and no one there to nag,
days of sun and nights of rum,
are all they ever have.
Like winners of the lotto,
they’ve found a way to live,
without much contribution,
though there’s so much they could give.
There’s virtue in this way of life
I suppose that you could say,
since the world would hardly notice
if they disappeared today.
But uselessness is something
we can’t help but be aware.
It turns our dreams and selfish schemes
into our worst night mares.
For each can’t help but know his worth,
the value that he brings.
Though we’ll often try to take,
without giving back a thing.
Needing to be needed
is the one thing we all share.
And no amount of sun & rum
can help when no one’s there.


So I found this new drug
that I’d like to share.
Perhaps you have tried it?
Guess it’s always been there.
It’s just as euphoric,
as Molly or E.
Way better than Booze,
or Cocaine or Speed.
Inhibitions removed,
you can say what you feel.
Anxieties melt,
without taking a pill.
Dance like a freak,
or chill like James Dean.
Converse like a genius,
smoothly say what you mean.
Self confidence blossoms,
you’ll go for the gold,
not sit around waiting,
bored, growing old.
Old peeps often use it,
but there’s no need to wait.
The formula’s easy
and ready to make.
In fact there is nothing
you’re required TO do.
Just one little small thing 
you have to NOT do.
You can’t say a single 
negative thing.
That’s not so hard, 
to NOT do something.
If it’s a challenge
just try for one day.
In 24 hours, 
you’ll be on your way.
For language and thought
are so intertwined,
that unspoken negatives,
die on the vine.
Without them we blossom
in life, and with love,
can easily manifest
all the above.
To improve results:
It’s Best to stay clear
of what we call NEWS.
It’s not truth they’re selling.
We have freedom to chose,
like a plague, to avoid it,
though it sometimes seems fun,
to bitch and complain 
at the negative done.
Don’t go there un-ready,
there’ll be a big fight.
For Darkness knows 
that it dies in the light.
If we keep it nurtured,
this seed that we’ve sown,
soon we’ll be ready
to fight on our own.
Tune in to that spark,
that’s in every dark mind,
even those in the news,
yes “the scourge of mankind.
When we’re ready we see
even they have a role,
in this beautiful drama,
this fight for the soul.


Thanks Otho.

Carl Kruse

Contact: carl AT carlkruse DOT com

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