A Conversation With Yury Kharchenko in Berlin

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by Carl Kruse

The Carl Kruse Blog invites all to a chat between Russian-German Artist Yury Kharchenko and art historian Dr. Eckhart Gillen this coming Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 at 8pm at “Der Zauberberg” literary book shop located on Bundesallee 133 in Berlin.

The discussion will center around Kharchenko’s recent art catalog “Yury Kharchenko Painting 2018 – 2023,” which documents his artworks of recent years, created in reaction to wars and questions of memory. Various cycles of the artist’s work will be discussed, starting with family history, his radical Auschwitz pictures, which question the moral aspect of memory, the flower pictures, which were painted in protest against the Ukraine war, his star pictures, and portraits of important Jewish personalities, created in response to Netanyahu’s judicial reform in Israel.  Throughout, Kharchenko seems to demand more ethics from a society facing a decline in historical knowledge

Eckhart Gillen is an art historian and curator, primarily for exhibitions on 20th century art. He is the author and editor of publications on German, Russian and American art of the 20th century and has received numerous awards, including the Unity Prize – Citizens’ Prize for German Unity in 2003 and the Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Prize for unconventional art education from the Prussian Sea Trade Foundation in 2011, as well as the Federal Cross of Merit.

As space is limited, registration is required either by calling the bookstore at 56 73 90 91. You can also email us at carl AT carlkruse DOT com. There will be sushi and drinks after the event at the bookstore.

The discussion will primarily be in German, though questions will be fielded in English and Russian as well.

I hope the summer is starting magnificently for everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

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