Pakenham Loves Trees, so does Kruse

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When Thomas Pakenham first thought of making a book about his favorite trees near his home in England, friends poked fun at him, but the book he created, “Meetings With Remarkable Trees,” was a surprise success that inspired Mr. Pakenham to look further for trees he loved.

A five-year, round-the-world adventure followed, which resulted in the magnificent “The Remarkable Book Of Trees,” an oversized book of trees of remarkable personality and presence. Dwarfs. Giants. Monuments. Aliens. The descriptions of the trees he encountered.

This coffee-table book found a place in my heart some time ago. It often makes me smile when I’m feeling down, or gives me perspective when troubles loom large. If you see it somewhere, have a look. Perhaps the trees will make you smile as well.

Carl Kruse Trees

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Carl Kruse

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