A Poem by Hazel Anna Rogers

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I wake, open,

Into the arms of the gentle night.

Not yet do the silhouettes of naked boughs

Charm the light,

Nor has the soft chatter of sharp beaks

Set the slumber of the distant air alight.

I wake, open,

Cradled in the arms of that gentle night

Where the blue has coaxed away

The colors of life,

All the wonders of dawn

Yet held from sight.

I am here, awake,

Under a blanket of gentlest night,

And I await the cool yellow to end

This lonesome dark,

I await the green of ferns to burst

Like fire

Over the wandering blue, and cast away

The waves of solace.

I await morning, awake, open,

Held in the grip of this gentle night.

Carl Kruse Blog - Image of Night Sky
Night sky over Australia. Credit: Flickr, Duoaliti Photos


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