January 24, 2018
  Goodbye Ursula K Le Guin. Your search for balance and compassion as you explored the inner lands of imagination was an inspiration. It was with you that I first encountered the practice of magic as precise as any science, and as morally ambiguous, and where the use of power always hinged on a precarious balance of opposing forces. A need for balance in acts of power always resonated within me. Maybe one day it will resonate with the real-life...
July 30, 2017
Here are three poems from my friend Otho Campbell. He has not titled them and so I have named them a la Emily Dickinson, which is to say titling them after the first line of the poem. I hope you like them. - Carl Kruse EVERY NOW AND THEN WE'RE MADE Every now and then we're made, to truly feel alive, through some sublime experience that moistens every eye. Not from any narrow sense of sorrow for ourselves, but from...
June 9, 2017
I love yous said. Books read. Countries visited. Kisses given. Genuine friendships. Deep conversations. Impulsive actions. Savage come backs. Soulmates met. Dogs owned. Dogs petted. All the live music I have heard. Times danced. Times smiled. Near death experiences. People I have loved. People who have loved me. Total hugs. Find me at Carl Kruse
June 7, 2017
Tell a friend to read “Moby Dick" these days and chances are they think you're bonkers. They would be wrong of course. And so what an unusual find to encounter a blog —  beautiful art, graphics, photography and all — of a slow journey through the great white whale, one bite at a time, so to speak.  “Devouring A Whale.”   Highly recommended, especially in these times of ours where everything is often served so fast and thin.     https://devouringawhale.com/...
May 25, 2017
Kuei-shan asked Yun-yen, “What is the seat of enlightenment?” Yun-yen said, “Freedom from artificiality.”- Kuei-shan (771-854)Freedom from artificiality.  I like that. Carl Kruse