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Carl Kruse: Human. Being.

So long Ursula K. Le Guin

Goodbye Ursula K Le Guin. Your search for balance and compassion as you explored the inner lands of imagination was an inspiration. It was with you that I first encountered the practice of magic as precise as any science, and as morally ambiguous, and where the use of power always hinged on a precarious balance […]

Poetry from Otho Campbell

Here are three poems from my friend Otho Campbell. He has not titled them and so I have named them a la Emily Dickinson, which is to say titling them after the first line of the poem. I hope you like them. – Carl Kruse EVERY NOW AND THEN WE’RE MADE Every now and then […]

Personal Statistics At Life’s End

I love yous said. Books read. Countries visited. Kisses given. Genuine friendships. Deep conversations. Impulsive actions. Savage come backs. Soulmates met. Dogs owned. Dogs petted. All the live music I have heard. Times danced. Times smiled. Near death experiences. People I have loved. People who have loved me. Total hugs. Carl Kruse Find me at […]

Devouring A Whale

Tell a friend to read “Moby Dick” these days and chances are they think you’re bonkers. They would be wrong of course. And so what an unusual find to encounter a blog —  beautiful art, graphics, photography and all — of a slow journey through the great white whale, one bite at a time, so […]

Daily Writing

I want to improve my writing.  I want to be more creative. Experienced writers, I am told, write daily. Creatives conjure ideas every day, ever working the writing and creative “muscles,” if there are such muscles. More as a check on myself, I would like to use this space to stay honest, to see if […]